Stormwater Management & Regulatory Permitting

Stormwater Management

We provide engineering plans and reports on the watershed analysis for pre and post conditions of a site. Our engineers are able to construct development scenario’s to model and predict post developed runoff flows for any given storm event.


Design engineers use this information to detail Low Impact Development Standards (LIDS) to manage runoff onsite. We provide services for the design of ponds, infiltration basins, bio retention cells, wet and dry bottom detention basins. We place emphasis on providing an appropriate design to meet a particular need based on the environment that the project will be constructed.


We are experienced at evaluating properties and providing plans for Erosion and Sedimentation Control. Erosion control goes hand in hand with proper Stormwater Management.


We have successfully guided our client’s projects through the application and approval of permits associated with;


NRPA – Piers, Wharves, Wetland Mitigation/ Restoration projects,

Site Location of Development – MDEP

Maine MDEP Chapter 500 Stormwater Discharge Permits

MDEP MDPES- Maine Pollution and Discharge Elimination System

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans - SWPP

Army Corp of Engineers – Floats, Piers and Waterfront Access, Marinas.